3 Common Questions about Root Canal

A healthy life is a happy life. People strive hard to take care of their health; whether it’s by physical work out, diet or mental relaxation. But quite often, they ignore one of the most important parts of their body- teeth. With all the rat race of life, many forget to maintain dental hygiene, which eventually leads to teeth and gum problem. When one is suffering from such dental problems, one of the many treatments done by doctors is the root canal.

Root Canal helps in preserving the dead tooth by cleaning out the internal canals.

What are the signs that you need a root canal?

The most common symptom is having pain in your tooth for a long time. Contact your dentist when you feel pain in your tooth. The dentist will do various tests to determine whether you need a root canal or not. Other symptoms might include sensitivity issue, swollen gums and discoloration of tooth.

Why you need a root canal?

The infection might have forced the need for treatment on your tooth. Your options are either goes for root canal or removal of a tooth. While both treatments will solve the problem permanently, the latter might be more expensive, complicated, takes longer time and thus, is usually undesirable. Root canal treatment only removes the infected part and saves most of the structure of the tooth. On full recovery, the tooth will work like your other natural tooth.

What to expect during a root canal?

While not complicated, proper precaution is required for root canal treatment. The dentist will ensure the surrounding area of the tooth is numb so that you don’t feel any pain. A rubber dam will be used to separate rest of the area of the mouth from the affected tooth. Then the top of your tooth will be removed to eradicate the infectious flesh. After removing the pulp, the tooth is wash and cleansed with water and sodium hypochlorite. It’s finally sealed with gutta percha.

Your dentist will inform you if any further treatment or follow up is required.

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