A Complete Guide to Dental Bone Grafting

Dental accidents can lead to partial or permanent damage to our teeth. Sometimes the damage to the teeth is of such a nature that restoration is not possible. In such a scenario the teeth are pulled out to avoid any further damage. Tooth loss due to an injury or a dental process halts the growth of the jawbone. One of the effective ways of reinstating natural bone growth is dental bone grafting. With the help of Green Plaza Dental: best dentist in Calgary, CA you can save your dental bones.

What is bone grafting?

The bone grafting procedure uses fragments of bones from other parts of the body. Bone grafts can also be derived from another person or can be made from synthetic materials. The artificial material or the bone is then grafted in the targeted jawbone. The new graft acts as a stimulator which initiates the growth of the bone. The stimulation created is similar to the one created by the pressure of a natural tooth.

It takes several weeks for the bone to grow upon the graft. The graft acts as a natural base and is generally made up of phosphorous and calcium. The growth of the jawbone can be clinically regulated if required. The dentists facilitate the growth by exposing the graft to synthetic substances. Green Plaza Dental provides the best treatment for dental bone grafting in Calgary.

How is dental bone grafting done?

The dental grafting procedure varies from the case to case. The nature of the injury and the time elapsed since the tooth loss, are also important. Immediate bone grafting just after the extraction of the tooth can be very beneficial. The risk of bone loss is very less in such a scenario. Once the tooth is extracted the dentist immediately fills the opening with bone-grafting materials.

In another type of bone grafting the gum is cut to expose the bone. A general anesthesia is used during the process to keep the patient calm. Then the exposed bone is subject with the grafting material. After the graft is well placed the opening is closed. It is only followed where a substantial time has elapsed after the tooth loss. This procedure takes a lot of time due to the substantial bone loss.

What are the advantages of a bone grafting procedure?

Undergoing a dental grafting procedure has a number of advantages. Some of them being:

  1. Helps in dental implants – Dental Implant is one of the most effective tooth replacement processes in dentistry. The implantation process uses a post which acts as a base for the artificial tooth. The post is fused with the jawbone. Placement of bone is only possible when the jawbone is strong and not too thin. A thin jawbone cannot support the post. Bone grafting is an effective way of increasing bone growth. This increases the chance of a successful dental implant.
  2. Reduces bone loss- The missing tooth halts the bone growth in impugn area. Halted dental bone growth can change your facial expression. The loss of the bone can also weaken the surrounding tooth base. With the help of bone grafting the natural growth of the teeth can be reinstated. New bone if fully grown not only improves your dental health but also facilitates speech.
  3. A bright smile- Smiling with a missing tooth can be embarrassing for you in social situations. With an increased dental bone growth you can undergo a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures. This can help you in regaining your natural smile back. With the dental bone grafting procedure, you can retain your everlasting smile.

Bones in are mouth provide a strong foundation to our teeth. However, at the same time they are also delicate in nature. The bone is along with the gum holds the teeth in position. A missing tooth leaves the bone weak and without any surface to bond to. A bone grafting procedure provides the natural base to the jawbone. It is helpful in maintaining bone strength and allows it to grow.

If you want to undergo bone grafting in Calgary then visit Green Plaza Dental. Their dentists are one of the most experienced professionals in the town. Contact them now.

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