Causes and Benefits of Having a Frenectomy

Have you heard of the frenectomy? Has the dentist in Calgary advised you to get the procedure done? It is quite obvious to be anxious because of the fear of unknown. Let’s explore further about the procedure.

Frenectomy is an oral surgical procedure wherein the frenum in the mouth is removed surgically with the help of a laser. A frenum is the attachment between any two tissues in your mouth, which includes cheeks, lips, and gums. There are two types of frenum- labial frenum and the lingual frenum. Here’s a look at detailed information about the two of them.

Labial Frenum

The labial frenum is the tissue, which connects the upper gums with the upper lip. If the labial is located too down on the gum tissue, it can result in a large gap between the two front teeth. The gap can cause many people self- esteem issues and lead young adults and teenagers to lose confidence. Also, when the labial frenum is too tight, it can lead to gum recession, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Lingual Frenum

The lingual frenum is the tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of your mouth. If the lingual frenum is too far forward on your tongue, it can restrict the movement of the tongue. It can cause difficulty in eating and speaking properly. The condition is also termed as being ‘tongue tied’ explains the dentist near T3J 3Z5.

Benefits of Receiving A Frenectomy

  • It improves the function of your bite so that you can eat your food properly.
  • It helps in improving eating and enhances your appetite, which gets suppressed as eating was a challenging task before.
  • It can help in overcoming the discomfort and pain caused from gum recession.
  • It can also help in improving your speech.
  • The gap between the two front teeth will be eliminated.

If you or your child is suffering and may benefit from frenectomy, you must schedule an appointment with the dentist. He will discuss and offer proper counseling before you make the decision of going for the procedure.

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