How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Before we answer that question, let’s first take a look at a more common question, “What are dental crowns?” to better understand how they work. This form of restorative and cosmetic dentistry helps to restore the shape, strength, functionality, and appearance of a tooth that has been damaged. They work by providing additional strength and stability to the tooth so patients can keep the tooth rather than having it extracted and replaced with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

As you may gather from the above information, they are used to protect weak teeth, restore broken teeth, prevent cracked teeth from breaking further, and support teeth that have large fillings and need the additional structure to restore the functionality of the tooth. In some cases, they are also used to hold dental bridges in place and root canal treatment in Calgary, AB.

What Materials Are They Made of?

In most instances, the crown – sometimes referred to as a dental cap — is designed to look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. Dental crowns can be created using various materials; however, tooth-colored options are typically the most popular. Tooth-colored dental crowns can be matched to blend with the rest of your smile, making the treatment virtually unnoticeable.

Is There Another Benefit to a Dental Crown in Calgary, AB?

Yes! Because a dental crown is placed directly over the affected tooth, minimal changes are made to the tooth structure, which means the crown actually provides additional strength and support to the compromised tooth. It’s the goal of Green Plaza Dental to help our patients maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible, and dental crowns are an important step in helping patients maintain their smiles!

Am I a Candidate for a Dental Crown?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with severely damaged, decayed or infected teeth, or have been told that your smile could benefit from root canal treatment, a dental bridge, or a dental implant, there’s a good chance that a dental crown can be used in conjunction with those treatments. Do not hesitate to visit a dentist near you in Calgary, AB such as Green Plaza Dental if you’re experiencing any discomfort or pain when chewing, swallowing, or drinking since the early treatment of dental concerns is always a top priority!

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