Bone Grafting in Calgary, AB

Are you missing most or even all of your teeth in the upper or bottom row? Tired of wearing dentures to replace your missing teeth? Considering implant dentistry to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile? When it comes to having missing teeth, demineralization and bone loss is extremely common, making many patients not candidates for implant dentistry. Luckily, with bone grafting in Green Plaza Dental, even you can become a candidate for dental implants. Not quite sure if Calgary bone grafting is the best option for you? Green Plaza Dental would be happy to provide a consultation, simply contact us to schedule a consultation. We can evaluate your smile, gum health, bone density and overall oral health to determine if bone grafting near you might be a good decision.

About Bone Grafting

During bone grafting, a special bone grafting material or bone taken directly from the patient is often used to restore bone density which has been lost due to missing teeth, demineralization, bone loss and other factors. First, an incision will be made to access the area of bone that needs to be restored, allowing your dentist to apply the bone grafting material. After the material has been placed, the area will be closed and allowed to properly heal. Once the area has completely healed, your dentist can then place the dental implants.

Why Bone Grafting?

When it comes to having missing teeth, it actually has a much bigger impact than just the appearance of your smile. Once a tooth is missing, other teeth in the smile begin to shift, demineralization begins to occur and bone loss can even happen. As this continues to occur, the area between the sinus cavity and mouth can become thinner, resulting in a poor foundation for implant placement.

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Interested in dental implants but think you may need bone grafting in Calgary? Contact Green Plaza Dental today to schedule your consultation, we are always welcoming new patients and would be happy to get you on our schedule. We look forward to improving your smile!

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