Dental Implant Services in Calgary, AB

If you have missing teeth, you may be suffering from feeling self-conscious about your smile and from not being able to speak clearly. Your eating habits have probably also changed and you may not be able to enjoy all your favorite foods as before. If you are tired of living with missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. You can find this treatment at Green Plaza Dental in Calgary.

What Is Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants are small metal posts, usually made of titanium. They are surgically inserted directly into the jawbone. The implants themselves do not actually restore function to your teeth. They act as tooth roots and the dental prosthetic – which may be a crown, a bridge, or fixed dentures – is fixed on top of them to restore both the usage and the appearance back to your smile.

How Can I Get Dental Implants Near Me?

Before implants can be placed, your dentist will first ensure that you have sufficient bone structure to support them. If you do not, a bone graft can first be performed to build up the bone in that area.

The dental implant procedure takes at least two appointments over the course of several months to complete. During the first visit, a small incision will be made in the gum line over the site of the missing tooth (or teeth). The underlying bone will be prepared to receive the implant and the post will be put in place. One implant can support more than one tooth replacement. Once it is in place, the implant will be covered over by the gum tissue and stitched closed. It will be left for several months to allow the implant sufficient time to fuse completely with the jawbone. The artificial tooth/teeth can then be attached during a following appointment. Implants can last a lifetime with good maintenance.

If you are ready to replace your missing tooth or teeth, consider dental implants in Calgary, Alberta. Not only are full-mouth dental implants long-lasting, but they also perform better and are more stable than other tooth replacement options such as dentures or bridges. Visit us at Green Plaza Dental in Calgary for a consultation for dental implant services.

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