Emergency Dental Treatment in Calgary, AB

Most patients will only need to see their dentist twice a year for biannual visits if they keep up with their oral health and get regular, professional cleanings. However, there are times when a visit to the dentist may be needed quite suddenly. Green Plaza Dental has emergency dental professionals in Calgary available in the event of an injury or any kind of dental emergency. If you are in severe pain or are experiencing swelling and other sudden problems with your teeth, seek Calgary dental care at our emergency dental clinic.

Pain Relief

If you are experiencing severe pain that is sharp or throbbing and continuous, then seek emergency dental treatment from an emergency dentist near you. Any discomfort you feel can be examined by our dentists, and the root cause will be treated so that the pain goes away and your teeth can heal. If you wait to receive care, then the issue may worsen along with the pain. When this occurs, it causes discomfort that interferes with both your professional and personal life. You may miss work or experience more stress due to your pain, making medical treatment a necessity.

Preventative Dental Care

If you notice inflammation or swelling, it can be a sign that something more serious is going on with your mouth. This could be an infection, which will not go away without medical treatment. If you prolong dental care, the infection can become dangerous and spread to other areas of the body, including the brain, neck, or jaw. Infections can also cause a life-threatening condition known as sepsis. A toothache of any kind should be examined by a dentist and treated before it worsens.

There are many times when patients avoid medical care unless there is an emergency. However, getting regular dental exams can reduce the chance of requiring emergency dental services. Get cleanings and exams twice a year from our Green Plaza Dental professionals in Calgary to keep your teeth healthier and stronger. In the event that you need emergency dental care near you, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our professionals. We want to make sure your teeth are cared for by a highly qualified team of dental experts near you.

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