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Think about how devastating breaking one of your front teeth can be to your appearance and spirit! One of the parts of the body many athletes fail to keep covered up and safe with equipment is the mouth and teeth. A simple piece of plastic can make the difference when putting on the rest of your uniform. How about for those out there that suffer from tooth grinding while they sleep? There’s a similar solution to these very different problems and it is known as a mouth guard! In today’s article we are going to shed some very necessary light on this important dental appliance that can make the difference the next time a hockey puck comes flying at your face!

What is a Mouth guard Used For?

Mouth guards have proven to be important dental appliances to not only athletes, but also patients with existing dental conditions. Of course, if you are patient that engages in contact sports, then mouth guards are the most important part of your uniform. Mouth guards ensure that direct impact during games, or practices, don’t have a negative effect on the health of your teeth. On the other hand, if you suffer from bruxism or TMJ, a mouth guard used while you sleep can have a great effect on how you feel the day following a night of wear.

What Are Your Mouth guard Options

Currently, there are mouth guards near you on the market that include athletic guards, stock mouth guards, mouth formed protectors, and custom-made mouth guards. Athletic mouth guards protect the teeth while engaging in contact sports. Bite guards, worn at night offer benefits for those that suffer from bruxism, TMJ, or sleep apnea. Custom-made mouth guards worn at night or able to protect your teeth from clenching or grinding, ensuring that your teeth do not suffer from extra damage at night while you rest.

Get Fitted for a Mouth guard in Calgary Today!

If you’re ready to get fitted for a mouth guard to take the step in the right direction to keeping each and every one of your teeth safe, then you need the help of a reputable dental professional to get you started! If you live in Calgary or surrounding communities, the team at Green Plaza Dental is hoping that you give them a chance to show you how much they care about their patients. Give them a call today in order to set up your very first appointment!

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