Oral Cancer Screenings in Calgary, AB

At Green Plaza Dental we believe strongly in preventative care. For that reason, we perform routine oral cancer screenings during dental exams. This twice yearly check up allows your Calgary dentist to identify early signs of the disease. In the beginning stages, oral cancer is more treatable. Unfortunately, if you are currently experiencing symptoms, the condition has already begun to spread. Early detection brings about more positive outcomes and can improve your chance of beating the disease. In addition, by catching signs early, you can avoid the unpleasant side-effects that come with traditional cancer treatments.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Calgary

No preparation is needed at Green Plaza Dental and there is no pain involved in an oral cancer screening. Since this check is performed during your routine dental appointments, you don’t have to schedule an additional visit. A typical screening starts with a visual examination of your mouth. Your dentist will look for red or white patches and sores. Then, a manual check will be done by hand. With gloved hands, your Calgary dentist will feel around the soft tissues of the mouth, searching for any abnormalities.

If any suspicious growths are found, you may be asked to come back after a few weeks. At that time, oral cancer screenings will be repeated. In other cases, a biopsy will be recommended right away to rule out cancer.

Oral Cancer Detection at Green Plaza Dental

For some patients, it takes many years for oral cancer to fully develop. Research has shown that most oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas are far too advanced when they get discovered. The key to survival and tolerable treatment is early detection.

Regular screening at Green Plaza Dental is the best way to safeguard your health. This simple exam ensures that oral cancer is not developing silently. It can also provide valuable peace of mind, especially for people who have specific risk factors that might make them more susceptible to oral cancers.

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